What is the SkyArk Chronicles?

Overview What is the SkyArk Chronicles? SkyArk Studio is one of 9 projects selected in the Binance Labs Incubator Program Season 3. SkyArk Chronicles is the only GameFi project incubator

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Jul 08, 2022

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What is the SkyArk Chronicles?

SkyArk Studio is one of 9 projects selected in the Binance Labs Incubator Program Season 3. SkyArk Chronicles is the only GameFi project incubator that has not launched a token or an NFT. The project received mentorship from CZ and He Yi during AMAs and live chats. In it, one of the important tips to build a long-lasting GameFi project is to build a fair and transparent game as well as interesting gameplay.

SkyArk Chronicles is included two GameFi projects plus SocialFi Metaverse, namely:

  • House of Heroes (Vertical frame game)
  • Legends Arise (horizontal frame game)
  • MirrorVerse (Open World built on Unreal Engine).

These three titles will share the same NFTs. That means a single NFT can be compatible with different games and in different forms and ways of playing.

Similar to Mythical Game Engine’s Mythical NFT Game Engine and Immutable X, SkyArk will launch its exclusive NFT Game Engine, the Sky Engine. The capabilities of the NFT game engine will be demonstrated across two SkyArk Chronicles GameFi titles and bring a unique experience to the market. NFTs of hero characters will have unique features such as voiceovers (from professional voice actors), eye patterns and bloodlines (inspired by Naruto). SkyEngine will build and launch many branded IP (Intellectual Property) projects.

Besides building a fun, fair and decentralized game, the development team also provides a hero ranking system. In it, they will release an only affordable mystery box containing tier 1 heroes. Studio instead of releasing premium NFTs, the project team will actually delegate/decentralize power to create the next rare and valuable NFTs for the market and users.

SkyArk has a mysterious plot about cryptocurrencies and aims to be a legacy IP. To participate in the game, gamers will buy Heroes and use them to finish tasks in the game. In addition, the development team created an anime version of Satoshi and the metaverse of SkyArk Chronicles is a fictional version of the virtual currency world. From music to merchandise and story content, the producer has teamed up with selected brands like So-Net (Sony Music) to create their own soundtrack.

The project development team has strategic partnerships with film production studios and will include the film’s IP NFT in their metaverse, along with all projects built with SkyEngine. All NFTs are convertible into SkyArk Metaverse just like Sandbox. The project team envisions building a sandbox/decentraland hybrid platform in SkyArk on top of the BSC network.

Highlights of SkyArk Chronicles 

Games world

The creator named Satoshi Nakamoto created the Sky Realm. This was a world of countless floating islands, a world where air travelers lived. There was life forming and growing on these islands, until one day monsters appeared and began to invade that world. There are mainly 5 types of floating islands: Council, Monster Island, Dungeon, Skyland and Guild Land.

Game graphics

Ten years ago, the development team created fantasy graphics for the RPG Card Battle game. Besides, the project team has also created beautiful graphics for top anime mobile games such as Arknight, Valiance Force, Azur Lane, Granblue Fantasy, Girl Frontline…

Thanks to their strengths in this area as well as their deep understanding of the market, they can now showcase iconic anime-style character designs that are sure to be loved by their target audience.

“SkyArk Chronicles” will be the first blockchain game in 2022 that can bring the most iconic anime-style classic gameplay to players.


The development plan of the SkyArk project is divided into 6 phases, of which the project has passed the first 2 phases. The objectives in the next phase of the project will be as follows:

Q1 – 2022:

  • Token launch on exchange(s)
  • Phase 1 Limited Release of NFTs characters (Binance NFT)
  • Staking of $SAR for rewards
  • NFT Game Engine Development

Q2 – 2022:

  • NFT Marketplace (SAC Platform)
  • Phase 2 Release of NFT Characters
  • NFt Game Engine Testing (Internal)

Q3 – 2022:

  • Release of SkyArk ( Guild Airship)
  • 1st Title Alpha Testing
  • PVE, PVP, Gameplay (DAO)

Q4 – 2022

  • 2nd Title Alpha Testing
  • Interoperable NFT for Title
  • Release of NFt SkyLands
  • Incubate new projects with NFT Game Engine (SkyEngine)

SkyArk’s developers, investors, partners and advisors

The SkyArk Chronicles project development team is a group of veteran members who have been creating AAA mobile games from major companies like XII Braves, Garena, Chance & Gumi over the past 10 years. Their passion is to contribute to building a high-quality gaming entertainment platform.

Overview of SAR tokens and REO tokens

What are SAR tokens and REO tokens?

The 2 tokens that will be introduced in SkyArk Chronicles are:

  • Token SAR: SkyArk Ruins (SkyArk Ruins)
  • Token REO: Relic Energy Ore (Relic Energy Ore)

SkyArk’s Tokenomics (SAR token) with a total token allocation of 3,000,000,000 tokens:

  • Private Sale: 11%, 330.000.000 tokens, 6.4% TGE, 3 months cliff, 36 months linear 2.6%.
  • Public Sale: 3%, 90.000.000 tokens, 100% at TGE.
  • Play and Earn: 33%, 990.000.000 tokens, 26 weeks cliff, vest 156 weeks linear.
  • Team Core: 13%, 390.000.000 tokens, 52 weeks cliff, vest 156 weeks linear.
  • Development: 9%, 270.000.000 tokens.
  • Advisors: 3%, 90.000.000 tokens, 26 weeks cliff, vest 156 weeks linear.
  • Ecosystem Fund: 28%, 840.000.000 tokens.

Functions of SAR token and REO token

Players can earn REO tokens in the game, however, the daily supply per account will be limited. The amount of REO tokens that gamers can harvest depends on the economic value of the REO tokens. Therefore, players will expect lower inflation problems with the in-game economy. In the game, REO tokens can be used to upgrade or merge a hero, build buildings, etc.

The SAR token is the rarest gem material in the game, with limited quantities throughout the game. Only the strongest monsters, hidden caves and reward skyland will open the door for players to find SAR tokens. SAR tokens are also distributed by merchants to gamers participating in Arena arenas, the stronger the player, the greater the amount of SAR tokens they will receive.

Where can I buy SAR tokens and REO tokens?

This information is being updated.

The potential of the SkyArk Chronicles project

The SkyArk Chronicles project can be considered as a potential project when in the private sale round, the project was valued at $60 million, and successfully raised $6.6 million in fundraising. Besides, the project team is experienced in the game industry. Therefore, the project promises to develop in the future.


SkyArk Chronicles is being developed with a revolutionary goal in mind and seeks to break boundaries in blockchain gaming. SkyArk Chronicles is expected to release around 2022 with the expectation of meeting the harsh gaming industry.

For more details about the SkyArk Chronicles project, please refer to the links below:

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