What is DeSyn Protocol?

Overview What is DeSyn Protocol? DeSyn Protocol is a new generation DeFi derivative protocol that allows users to create, trade and manage ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or crypto portfolios

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Jul 08, 2022

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What is DeSyn Protocol?

DeSyn Protocol is a new generation DeFi derivative protocol that allows users to create, trade and manage ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or crypto portfolios efficiently and freely. The purpose of DeSyn is to promote ETFs or investment portfolios to more investors and provide an optimal user experience.

Desyn will solve the problem for each user group. For individual investors, DeSyn will help them invest a variety of ETFs as well as portfolios created, managed by experts, KOL in a transparent, affordable and efficient way.

Meanwhile, for KOLs, the project will provide simple tools for them to create, manage and promote their ETFs and portfolios.

These assets can be issued as tokens according to the ERC-20 standard.

For businesses, DeSyn will support creating IDO events, promoting tokens with ETFs or portfolios created by KOLs. In addition, the platform also provides liquidity mining functionality, allowing users to control and manage themselves, all in one solution.

Basic Features of DeSyn Protocol

DeSyn Protocol defines procedures for creating, issuing, rebalancing, and trading DeFi derivatives (ETFs or portfolios) using a set of smart contracts based on custom liquidity pools.

DeSyn consists of 3 important components:

  • Issuing stablecoins: Users can use DSN tokens as collateral for the project’s stablecoin platform. The reason is that this platform will support the main utility functions of the project (all kinds of related fees such as swap fees, creation fees, etc.)
  • Manage ETFs or Portfolios: Here, investors can create and manage ETFs and their portfolios based on custom liquidity pools.
  • Liquidity trading: Users can trade tokens of ETFs or portfolios and other tokens through the platform’s smart order routing as well as providing multiple user assets for liquidity purposes mining.

The above structure was devised after a process of studying the competitive landscape in the market. The team realized that an integrated product solution or an end-to-end process could be a better solution to provide the best user experience. As a result, DeSyn provides a flexible solution based on the user’s problem, rather than depending on another party providing functionality not designed for the user’s purpose.

Products of DeSyn Protocol


In the traditional financial industry, mutual funds (portfolios) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the most popular financial tools widely accepted by investors. At the end of 2019, mutual fund assets and ETF assets in the US alone were $26.7 trillion and $4.9 trillion, respectively. In addition, mutual funds and ETFs hold 23% of the financial assets of American households.

To many investors, both of these two funds are considered ideal core portfolio assets. The reason is that investors often do not have enough knowledge, time and resources. Meanwhile, the above funds are often professionally managed, allowing diversification and reducing transaction fees for investors. Furthermore, as financial markets mature and few fund managers can beat the market, ETFs (for the purpose of tracking market performance) have also become more popular in recent years because they offer lower management expense than mutual funds.

Based on the traditional world reference, DeSyn team believes that ETFs or portfolios will grow rapidly in the Crypto world, as long as the entire crypto market continues to grow (multiple users/homes) more investment, more projects, more fields…).

That is why DeSyn was created with the purpose of providing a tool to meet the growing need of users who want to create their own ETFs or investment portfolios. Tools on DeSyn can be used to invest, create ETFs or portfolios, create markets, and feature advanced derivatives offered by others.

Investors (individuals and institutions)

An ETF or portfolio on the DeSyn platform offers investors many advantages such as asset diversification, reduced costs and less maintenance. In addition, these 2 funds allow both individual and institutional investors to diversify and manage their risk across any kinds of asset. If investors don’t know which crypto asset to buy, but believe in the market as a whole or one of its ramifications and want to invest in, they can buy by ETF or portfolio. 

To make it easier for investors to access the entire ETF or portfolio process, DeSyn has created the following key features:

  • Explore ETFs/portfolios: Investors can explore and select ETFs/portfolios that interest them.
  • Buy and sell ETF/portfolio (secondary market): When an investor decides to buy or sell ETF/portfolio, they can go to the AMM system and buy or sell ETF/portfolio tokens.
  • Issuance and redemption of ETF/portfolio (primary market): When an investor decides to buy or sell an ETF/portfolio, they can also issue or redeem it directly from the portfolio manager.

KOLs/fund managers

A distinguishing feature of the DeSyn platform is its ability to allow anyone to become an on-chain asset manager. This design opened up the protocol to all participants who wanted to manage money.

In addition, DeSyn provides various tools for KOLs (industry leaders) to manage their ETFs or portfolios including creation, fundraising, day-to-day fund management and others. The use of these tools is simple, easy, and effective. Their main functions include:

  • Create ETF/Portfolio: KOLs or fund managers can create their own ETF/portfolio by following a simple process (with just a few clicks).
  • ETF/portfolio management: KOLs or fund managers can conduct daily management here, such as liquidity fees, trading…
  • Trade ETF/portfolio: KOLs or fund managers rebalance the ETF/portfolio using the platform’s own smart routing technology.

Project’s Owner

As DeSyn has both investors and KOLs on the platform, the project plans to offer a great service: Allowing crypto project owners to create IDO events, promoting their own tokens with the fund ETF/portfolio made by KOLs, offering liquidity mining, fully controlled and managed by yourself. All those features are contained in DeSyn’s service.

Invest in the future

DeSyn also creates more useful financial products for investors such as leveraged ETF tokens, margin or gives KOLs options to:

  • Use an automated portfolio management strategy for an ETF or portfolio
  • Increase their capital efficiency by connecting with other crypto projects like AAVE, Compound…


The development plan of the DeSyn project is divided into 3 phases. The project has now reached the third phase. This phase takes place in the Q4 2021:

  • Product v1 beta test & Initial Launch: Spot and ETFs, Portfolio 
  • AMM Trading
  • Marketing/Community growth plan
  • Key Partnerships

DeSyn Protocol development team

  • Co-Founder – Lionel: He is the former COO of Lightnet Group COO. He is also CEO, CSO and partner of YEAHMOBI (IPO). Besides, he has more than 13 years in Fintech and the Global Internet. He focuses on investments, products and innovation. Specifically, he invested in Baidu, Blackrock and Tudor, and worked as an advisor and investor in 2 Crypto trading platforms, Kikitrade and Bingbon (in the top 10 global derivatives platforms).
  • Co-Founder – Gieno: He is the former CTO of Lightnet Group, Founder of Quantiex and CTO of JMU. In addition, he has more than 13 years of experience in technology and products. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of the crowdfunding platform Neutou.com and CTO of Heima as well as an advisor and investor of two DeFi derivatives platforms, Coinversation and Xcardinal. 
  • Co-Founder – Catherine: She has held many positions, including former legal officer of Lightnet Group, legal director of Bixin, partner of Nova Exchange, partner of Exshell digital financial exchange , IHT’s legal officer and holds a PhD from Lancaster University. Besides, she has more than 6 years of experience in the field of digital finance, especially in crypto and blockchain.
  • Co-Founder – Veron: Veron has over 10 years of experience as an expert in Crypto, blockchain and fintech investments in China and Southeast Asia. Prior to joining the DeSyn team, Veron held many positions such as head of business operations at Velo Labs, head of customer care at Lightnet Group, chief investment officer of Paladin Asset Management, vice president of operations at DeSyn. Senior Chairman of APIB, Vice President of OCBC BANK Group, Standard Chartered Bank and Chief Strategy Officer of Bingbon.

DeSyn Protocol’s Investors

DeSyn has successfully raised $1.4 million in private funding and is backed by Fenbushi Capital, SNZ Capital, Everest Ventures Group, Incuba Alpha, Bing Ventures, Lancer Capital, and TKX Capital…

Token DSN

What is DSN?

DSN token is the native token of the DeSyn Protocol. DSN token is designed by the development team to be a replaceable ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Functions of the DSN token

The DSN token has 2 main functions:

  • Convenience: Users can stake DSN to receive the platform’s stablecoin. Users can then take the stablecoin to pay for any fees such as swap fees, derivatives generation and all other transaction fees on the platform. Moreover, users can put DSN tokens into liquidity mining and get additional rewards.
  • Governance: Once the project is at a stable stage, the DSN token will gradually transition to a community governance function, allowing the community to decide the future of the protocol.

DSN Tokens Allocation

DeSyn currently plans to allocate DSN tokens as follows:

  • Airdrop: 1%
  • Partnership: 10%
  • Private Round: 15%
  • Team: 18%
  • IDO: 1%
  • Ecosystem Grant: 55%

The Potential of DeSyn Protocol

DeSyn Protocol has qualified for the Polygon Fund program and has accepted and received funding from the Polygon team. With the grant, DeSyn Protocol will only use for development purposes. Furthermore, DeSyn Protocol is considering launching on Polygon in the near future.

DeSyn Protocol plans to build a decentralized ETF/digital portfolio trading platform that is solid and competitive with traditional financial platforms.

In the future, DeSyn will have an in-depth partnership with Polygon. Besides, Polygon also plans to create its ETF ecosystem on DeSyn to bring more liquidity to the ecosystem on Polygon. In addition, DeSyn also plans to cross-chain to Polygon in the future to open up the upstream and downstream ecosystems.


The team built DeSyn Protocol with the desire to bring a new generation to the DeFi derivative protocol. Specifically, DeSyn will provide everyone with secure, transparent and affordable access to create and trade various innovative financial products such as ETFs or investment portfolios.

DeSyn design project team with the motto that people around the world no matter where they come from, whatever their faith, whether they are rich or poor, will have an equal opportunity to receive the best financial services.

For more information about the DeSyn Protocol project, readers can watch the following media channels:

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